Can't Stop Now


"It’s a promise!" - anime character thats about to fucking die

megatokyo is my fav mango ;^)


i know this is a joke but i’m gonna take a moment to talk about something interesting to me

when i was really into researching kickstarters and crowdfunding stuff about a year or so back, i remember running into the megatokyo visual novel kickstarter.

four thousand nine hundred and fifty eight backers. two hundred and ninety nine thousand and one hundred and eighty four dollars.

this, i found confusing, because… who the fuck reads megatokyo anymore, right? sure, he updates more than aaron diaz’s dresden codak, but even then, his schedule has never been so hot. and what’s more, one would think that the fandom of megatokyo sort of drifted on to other things after awhile. and it’s not like fred did anything amazing for his campaign.

so i got more and more fascinated by dedicated webcomic fanbases.

the thing i found, especially with stuff like the similarly surprisingly successful TwoKinds kickstarter, is that a lot of webcomics, once they achieve a certain kind of popularity, so long as they keep updating, there is a core base that just doesn’t go away. even if the webcomic itself fades into less and less interest by the internet/webcomic community at large, there is a base that just doesn’t leave.

this is why College Roomies From Hell! is still updating to this day. same goes for sabrina online.  dozens others. nowadays, there’s cool things like patreon to support webcomics, right? but back in the day, it was all about the donation bar - each month, a creator would basically put up a fresh donation meter, starting at zero, with a big goal at the end. some comics would hit this number easily, month to month to month. The Wotch springs to mind, terrible though it was - and seems to have ended just a couple months ago.

i mentioned college roomies from hell is still updating. they also still have a donation bar. let’s check it, yeah?

pretty impressive for a webcomic most people don’t even know exists anymore, right?

webcomics, i came to find, operate a lot like print superhero comics. once you have a core base, they’ll keep coming so long as you’re publishing. whatever happens, whatever changes, nothing seems to stop them… they’ll keep coming. month to month, week to week, the people who were reading over 10 years ago will still be reading your comic today.

which means that megatokyo, despite being passed on by a ton of people at this point, left behind as part of webcomics history, still had a fanbase big enough to pull a nearly 300 thousand dollar kickstarter.


doing a 8 person Civ 5 game is a damn labor of love

all the disconnects and random freezes are making it really hard but everyone’s being real troopers


6 seconds is not enough.


I think I just peed my pants.



Xu Bing: The Living Word

As they float from the floor, the characters change from the modern simplified Chinese to older forms, back through pictograms until they finally turn into birds.